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Welcome to my domain! Take a look around and see what I’m up to – you’ll find my published works, film, productions, press and updates here. My story begins at an early age in the midst of many things. Sure, there were some good memories. But between the poverty, epilepsy, bullies, and depression – life seemed to resist almost every effort at happiness, for awhile. As time went on, my seizures taught me how to embrace and resolve things in my own ways. My hunger gave me the character and strength to feed my soul. My failed suicide attempts made me strong enough to realize my worth. And here I am, years later, still standing. I call myself Tiff the Titan, because my grit and determination to overcome my challenges made me a f***ing titan.

A Poem: WWJTD? *explicit*


Do you remember the Jesus-bracelet movement? 

There were bracelets of all colors and sizes

With four initials on the four beads 


What would Jesus do?

It was a catch phrase, a reminder

To think before we judge

To share and be kind

Before we turned up our noses

At the wicked

Moons have passed 

Since I found Jesus on a bracelet

And lost him

Then found him again

…Within a rough proximity, 

At least

To where my heart lives…


I still ponder

What would Jesus do?

And I aim for that

Other times,

More often than not,

I consider,

What would Jon Taffer do?

A New York/Italian

With the voice of a lion

And growl of a wolf


He would bark at my self-pity

And call me a pussy 

He would tell me

To get my ass back in line

And go for what I want 

And treat everyone

With some damn respect

Alpha and Luna

It takes a wolf to catch a wolf.

They have been circling each other for a few years, crossing over into one another’s territory from time to time. He gently stands his ground, as she stands hers – curiously watching each other from afar. 

One night, the moon was full, in the bright new sky. A new year was beginning, so they took a walk in the moonlight to celebrate. 

They danced tight circles around each other this time; they smiled as they played games in the dark, under floating balloons. Filling the space with their hearts, there was no room for the balloons to join their dance below. They touched lips for the first time, sweetly. Gently. 

Giggling, they stole their hearts out into the wintry wind – so the balloons could fill the space upon the empty below. 

He whisked her up, carrying her away from the cold and the crowd. She nuzzled his wool, and he accepted. The space between them disappeared, as they moved only with their wild and heavy hearts. Beating like drums, the rhythm in their blood led the way until they tired under the moonlight. 

Dawn broke, and the wolves awoke from their slumber. Alpha prepared for the journey home, as Luna gently bowed away from his grasp. They looked back on each other longingly, before treading new ground in their new year’s walk. She knew how to dance with the wolves, but in this moment, she was destined to walk alone under the stars in the sky. Sighing, she watched him walk away into the fields and mist, minding his steps.