A Poem: WWJTD? *explicit*


Do you remember the Jesus-bracelet movement? 

There were bracelets of all colors and sizes

With four initials on the four beads 


What would Jesus do?

It was a catch phrase, a reminder

To think before we judge

To share and be kind

Before we turned up our noses

At the wicked

Moons have passed 

Since I found Jesus on a bracelet

And lost him

Then found him again

…Within a rough proximity, 

At least

To where my heart lives…


I still ponder

What would Jesus do?

And I aim for that

Other times,

More often than not,

I consider,

What would Jon Taffer do?

A New York/Italian

With the voice of a lion

And growl of a wolf


He would bark at my self-pity

And call me a pussy 

He would tell me

To get my ass back in line

And go for what I want 

And treat everyone

With some damn respect